Uses of Silver Through History as an Anti-Microbial

Although Guardian Silver is quite new, silver has been used as an anti-microbial for centuries. While it must be stressed that Guardian is unique compared to other forms of silver, silver itself is hardly a new tool for controlling microbes.

Note a few uses of silver throughout history:

2000 BC Silver mentioned in Egyptian writings
500 BC Greeks, Romans use silver vessels for water purification
500 Silverware protects the wealthy from the full brunt of the plague
1800 Doctors used silver sutures in surgical wounds
Pioneers and frontier settlers use silver coins in their drinking water and milk to prevent spoilage
1900 Silver products are being developed and marketed commercially
Silver is used to combat wound infections during WW1
Silver is widely used in hospitals
Several commercial airlines use silver water filters
NASA selected silver-based system for space shuttle
2000 New silver technology developed

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