Guardian Silver vs Colloidal Silver

A common misunderstanding people experience when introduced to Guardian Silver is the assumption that it is the same as other silver products they have seen or know of from decades past.

However, many important physical, chemical, and vibrational differences exist between Guardian Silver and old colloidal silvers. These differences are what cause the significantly improved benefits that separate Guardian from other silver products of the past and present.

For a summary overview, this chart highlights several important differences between Guardian Silver and colloidal or ionic silvers:

Older Colloidal or
Ionic Silver
Guardian Silver
Nature of Compound Suspension Solution
Date of Development Late 1800’s Late 1990’s
Parts Per Million (ppm) 300 – 300,000 ppm 10, 24 ppm
Bio-Availability 15-65% Exceeds 99%
Vibrational Frequency Varied 890-910 THz (same as germicidal UV light)
Works By Catalytic Action No Yes
# of Missing Electrons 1 2
Can Cause Argyria Yes No Known Cases
Color Brown, Yellow or Silver Colorless
Taste Strong Metallic Flavour Faint Metallic Aftertaste
Odor Distinct Odorless

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