Local Distributors

About Local Distribution

Local distributors pre-purchase bulk quantities of Guardian Silver and then distribute it within their communities. Distributors commonly fit into one of these categories:

  • Clinics or health professionals
  • Retail stores or home businesses
  • “Johnny Appleseeds” who simply share Guardian with friends and family members for free

Distributors act with independence, making personal decisions about retail pricing and other business matters. Still, they are free to utilize the educational resources available on our website as tools for sharing knowledge with others.

Distributors can reduce their cost per bottle while ordering inventory by:

  • Qualifying for volume discounts
  • Reducing the cost of shipping per bottle
  • Avoiding rush shipping fees through inventory management

Become a Professional Wholesaler

To learn more about our Professional Wholesale Program, which includes wholesale pricing, please visit the Professional Wholesale Program page.

Place an Order

Everyday volume discounts are available on orders of 10 or 50 bottles at a time, allowing local distribution even without joining our wholesale program. To place one of these orders, click here.

If you are already a member of the Professional Wholesale Program, please phone 1-800-551-2965 to place your next order.

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